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the melody

1. the melody

1.2. the tetrachord
1.3. the contour
1.4. the inner rhythm

Eduard Toldrà: "Cançó per a fer dormir l'Eduard" - Christmas 1958

The three permutations of the Greek diatonic descending tetrachords:

In the song "A muntanya" there is a clear example of the use of the two tetrachord modes lydian and phrygian. The very effective approach creates a sense of equilibrium between tension and relaxation:

Eduard Toldrà: "A muntanya" - beginning - 1947

A clear example of the use of the dorian mode tetrachord:

Eduard Toldrà: "La fageda d'en Jordà" (sardana) - llargs - 1925

A very delicate moment of the use of the phrygian mode tetrachord.

Eduard Toldrà: "Cançó de bressol" (from the song cycle A l'ombra del lledoner) - 1924

Notice that this example of the use of the phrygian tetrachord appears also on the song written for his grandson in 1958 (first example).  So there is a nice concordance with this little Lullaby (probably written while contemplating his daughter sleeping) and the one written for his grandson. Two beautiful coincident moments.

1.3. the contour

Stepwise Motion examples

Eduard Toldrà: "Menta i Farigola" - 1915