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the harmony

2. the harmony

2.1. the first inversion chord
2.2. the add6 (13th) chord
2.3. the ii7 (IVadd6) over the dominant
2.4. the augmented 5th chord
2.5. the augmented 6th chord
2.6. the Neapolitan chord
2.7. reverse chord succession (regression, passive connection): I-V-IV-I
2.8. specific chord progressions
2.9. Voice leading
2.10. Pedal point (held through a series of chord changes)
2.11. Static Harmony vs. Dynamic Harmony

[ First inversion: I6 , IV6  , V6  , ii6 ... ] [ Added 6th: Iadd6 (vi7) , IVadd6 (ii7) , Vadd6 (iii7) ] [ Augmented 5th: I+5 , V+5 ] [ Augmented 6th: ♭VI3+6 (it), ♭VI34+6 (fr) , ♭VI3-5+6 (de) ] [ Neapolitan: ♭ii6 ]

I ii iii IV V vi viiº
N6 Gr6 It6 Fr6 Sw6
iiø7 iv ♭VI viiº7
III ♭III ♭iii VI ♭VI ♭vi
V7/ii V7/iii V7/IV V7/V V7/vi #iiº7
viiº7/ii viiº7/iii viiº7/IV viiº7/V viiº7/vi #viº7
viiø7/ii viiø7/iii viiø7/IV viiø7/V viiø7/vi

 Wagner: Tristan Chord
 Scriabin: Mystic chord

 Stravinsky's: Petrushka chord

 Richard Strauss: Elektra Chord

 Mompou: Metallic Chord