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"Associació Joan Massià"

6 de set. 2011, 3:18 publicada per Eduard Toldrà i Soler   [ actualitzat el 1 de gen. 2012, 2:36 ]
"Associació of friends and disciples of Joan Massià and Maria Carbonell"

The Association of Friends and Disciples of Joan Massià and Maria Carbonell began its activities in 1939 with the following objectives:

1.Perpetuating the presence in the musical world of the violinist and composer, creator of the best violinist school in Barcelona, ​​and of his wife Maria Carbonell, eminent pianist and pedagogue.
2.To publicize the work of John Massià also works by other composers are not disclosed.
3.To provide young instrumentalists and singers the chance to start in the world of interpretation.