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Rafael Ferrer

Rafael Ferrer i Fitó
, violinist, conductor and composer who worked so tirelessly for our music alongside Casals, Toldrà and Lamote de Grignon.

He received early musical education from his father, Jose Ferrer and Torres (1878-1952), called for fiscornaire, violinist and composer Sardana, alumnus of the School of Music in Peralada, a member of the couplet The Principal Peralada together with Josep Serra, founder of the couplet La Lira de San Celoni. 

A click on the Lira Rafael trombonist for a year, its director, teacher Figueres received training as a violinist. With 12 years of extended studies violin with Professor Castle and later the master Toldrà. S'inscrigué at the Municipal School of Music of Barcelona and received lessons in musical theory of Lluís Millet, conducting Eduard Toldrà and harmony, counterpoint and fugue from n'Enric Morera. 
It was definitely established in Barcelona in 1930. Army musician in the Orchestra Pablo Casals (1931-1939), the Catalan Quartet, the Chamber and Association of Radio Association of Catalonia. His career as a composer of soundtracks began in 1940 when he joined the lively infants Drawings Chamartin (see below). Enter the City Orchestra of Barcelona, ​​where he replaced Richard de Grignon Lamote as Deputy Director and the Municipal Orchestra of Barcelona (1961) as Acting Director Toldrà when folded. Also a professor and then professor of violin at the Conservatory of Music in Barcelona. Since it was founded, directed the orchestra of Radio Nacional de España in Barcelona and, occasionally, several other groups (Barcelona Symphony Orchestra, National Madrid Municipal Valencia, Bilbao Symphony, the Concert Society of the Conservatory of Paris. ..).

He directed a Symphony Orchestra in Spanish zarzuela recordings made in Barcelona by Odeon house in the fifties. Participated in many other recordings as a conductor, used and / or arranger of the pieces. Sometimes, signed F. Delta or, sometimes, F. dasc. 

He wrote twenty-nine Sardana, the best known of which are likely Portal de l'Angel and a legend of his time, pine green, blue sea. It was also the author of eight pieces of music for the couplet. 

"The Sardana is a song that should be especially Catalan, who have the perfume Catalan: you should not look for sources of inspiration or technique, or harmony, or anything that is not purely out of here. I do not believe in these other songs that seem sardanas or that are made exclusively for success among the dancers. " 
-Rafael Ferrer 


  • Concerto in B minor, for violin and orchestra (1950) honors the Conservatory of Music in Barcelona 
  • Foixianes: Oh, green llustrina whether the Levites (1975), for voice and piano, with lyrics by JV Foix 
  • Foixianes: Next night, the sea (1975), for voice and piano, with lyrics by JVFoix 
  • Impresiones de Andalucia: Midnight in the Sacromonte (1953), for orchestra 
  • Father of faith, for chorus 
  • Popular Spanish Retablo: The evening, night and dawn (1962), symphonic poem for chorus and orchestra with lyrics by Jose Maria Tavera 
  • Romance de La Fragua (1952), ballet 
  • Mediterranean Suite No. 1 for orchestra 
  • Harmonization in the heart of Catalan folk songs: These mountains, Joseph makes big party, Regalado Mountains, the boy's mother, Pastoret, in Peter Galleri, The Passion of the bunch. Be harmonized traditional songs in Spanish (I case my mom, The viudita, Mambr it was the war and many others).