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Blai Net

Blai Net i Sunyer
(Sant Boi, 1886 - Barcelona, ​​1948)

A plaque recalls the figure of the virtuoso pianist in front of his birthplace in the Rambla Rafael Casanova núm 15. He was a child prodigy, at age 9 he made his first concert in a "Midnight Mass" in the Colonia Güell. He studied in  Barcelona and received master classes with mestre Vidiella. Then he received the success in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Paris, London, Rome, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Rio de Janeiro ...
The memorable performances of his versions of Beethoven (he was the first to perform the complete cycle of the 32 piano sonatas) were exceptional and very popular in Barcelona. He also excelled playing Chopin Nocturnes, Impromptus, Preludes, Ballads and Waltzes. His interpretations of Mozart, Schumann, Liszt, Debussy, Mendelssohn, Bach and Scarlatti were celebrated as well.

He accompanied Pablo Casals on numerous occasions and was part of his orchestra. Pau and Enric Casals used to say about him that he was the perfect companion. He accompanied Jacques Thibaut and Eduard Toldrà with whom they had a trio, with Josep Trotta on the cello. With Francesc Costa at the violin they performed yearly at the traditional concert of Christmas and Sant Esteve at the Palau de la Música Catalana and they had had a trio with Gaspar Cassado on the cello.

He conducted the orchestra of the famous Coliseum that created the music for films. Interestingly these were the beginning, the support film to "Cal Ninyo" then continued by his brother, who studied piano as well.

He later won the admission to the Chair of the virtuosity studies at the Escola Municipal de Musica de Barcelona, today renamed the Conservatory. His students retained the memory of a great teacher of music and an excellent person.

Shortly before his death he receive a tribute at the Ateneu Santboià from the village of Sant Boi, were he played on a sold-out theater.