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Baltasar Samper

Baltasar Samper i Marquès
(Palma, 1888 - Mexico City, 1966) was a musician, composer and scholar of popular music.

Baltasar Samper was born into a musical family: his parents were opera singers and his brother Julian was named organist and priest in Majorca was the composer of the joys in praise of the Virgin of Atotxa, head of the parish of Ariany (Mallorca).

In 1907 he settled in Barcelona. He was the disciple of Enrique Granados this academy) where time to come, opposition to win the square piano teacher. He studied harmony and composition with Felipe Pedrell instrumentation, and Paris, was a disciple of the pianist Edouard Risler.
In February 1924, Samper began working in the offices of the Work of the People Cançoner Catalonia. That same summer, the leadership of the institution he proposed that, with other collaborators, take care of the fact-finding missions to the islands. In summers ranging between 1924 and 1932, researchers led by Samper collected thousands of songs in the tradition alive-then-very popular island (see Bibliography). In 1934 and 1935 and continued in the research completed his disciple (and future second wife, in exile), and pain Bauçà door.

Mexican Exile

Militant Action Catalan, went into exile in 1939 in Toulouse and then to Mexico (1942). In this city he worked at the Institute of Fine Arts student and Mexican folklore, in 1947, there began the Section of Musical Research, who helped work on his training in the Work of the songs. In the same field was also professor of the subject of "Folk Music" at the National Conservatory of Music in Mexico. Between 1945 and 1951 incarnate small roles in half a dozen Mexican films.

Very active member of the Catalan community, was a member of the Catalan Institute of Culture in Mexico, was on the organizing board of the Floral Games of the Catalan Language (1942), directed the Catalan Choral Society and was part of the American delegation in National Council of Catalonia (1944). Collaborated with the magazines of exile and the New Letters magazine.

In the early sixties made several translations for publishing UTEHA (Typographical Union Hispano Americana Publishing), owned by a Galician who had made the Americas, Jose M. Gonzalez Porto, where he also worked as manager of Stanislaus Ponsetí Ruiz, exiputat Parliament of Catalonia, and Pere Calders. Among others, Samper translate a history of music in five volumes, the history of theater and drama in four apasionada The life of Franz Liszt.

His work as a composer and is dispersed in the most part, unknown. The compositions have given more names have been two (?) Symphonic suite for orchestra Songs and Dances of Majorca. Also wrote songs, piano music, choral, orchestral and film. In this field, the soundtrack to the film's hut (Mexico, Roberto Gavaldón, 1945) won the Ariel award for Mexican Film Academy.