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Artur Martorell

Artur Martorell Bisbal
Barcelona 1894 - Barcelona, ​​1967


Fellow of the School Teachers' Joan Bardina (1907-09), who decisively influenced in his conception of teaching, he continued his education in the schools of the former Fifth District in Barcelona (1909), schools of the Holy Family (1910-11) and Vallparadís School (1912-13), where he was in contact with A. Gali-up to his degree in 1916.

Artur Martorell Bisbal testing the method in Montessori schools in the House of Charity (1915-17). Instil in children the habit of personal reflection from a civic, moral and religious education and gave a living reality through collective work and the development of perceptual concepts, first in schools in Badalona with Pompeu Fabra University (1917-19), and especially in schools of the board of Dominic Grace (1919-30) where he was director. It also diversified their language teaching courses at night to study normal and the Commonwealth of Catalonia Cadca schools. With the reorganization of the culture committee of the council (1931), Manuel Ainaud cried as the technical adviser for primary and supplementary, where he brought out an important task of organization, as the colonies the school council, some of which had previously directed (Calafell, Tossa) -. He was professor at the Normal School of Government (1931-39). After several months in prison in 1941 continued its work from the council in 1950, was appointed head of culture-negotiated and organized the emissions for school Radio Barcelona (1954-57), Director of Municipal Institute of Education (1954), organized with E. Toldrà, concerts for students at the Palau de la Musica (1955). Because of his open opposition to the nationalization of the city schools, was transferred in 1962, negotiated the cemeteries. In his written works include the teaching of the language, in collaboration with Emilio Valles (grammar, exercises, etc., published under the pseudonym of Jerome Marvi), a collection of texts for children Selected readings ( 1935, recently reprinted) and a grammar illustrated, also for children, Guidance (1969).