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Antonio Fernández Cid

Antonio Fernández-Cid de Temes
born in Orense, on November 1, 1916. Eldest of nine children, very young, he was attracted by music. He attended the first concert in his hometown when he was only four years. He studied law and joined the Army as a lieutenant to reach the rank of Lieutenant Colonel of Intervention. For many years he combined his military career with his musical activities.
Married to Dolores Alcolea, had 8 children.
In 1940 he began his relationship with the ABC as a music critic, deputy head of time, the guitarist Regino Sainz de la Maza. In the beginning was a collaborator of the journal task and journal a little later "Up" as a successor to Federico Sopena, from 1943 to 1952, which was incorporated as a music critic, the newspaper "ABC" and weekly "Black and black "to do their work continuously except the period between 1960-1966 where he became musical editor of the newspaper" Information ". He has worked in many other newspapers and magazines: The Spanish, La Vanguardia, Mundo Hispanico, Journal Basque, Spanish El Correo Basque people, La Estafeta Literaria, El Diario de las Americas ...
Participated as a musical commentator in various television programs (approximately 1500 in 12 years) and radio. In 1965 he received the National Music Radio for its programs in this medium.
Delivered over two thousand four hundred twenty-four countries and conferences in one hundred thirty cities throughout Spain and participated as a jury, in different competitive examinations related to the field of music.
As a writer collected his impressions in major festivals in Spain (Granada, since its inception in 1952), Santander, Cuenca, Santiago de Compostela, San Sebastian Music Fortnight, Canarias ...) and the world (Lucerne, Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Aix-en- Provence, Bairoit, Salzburg ...)
25 He wrote twenty-five books and multiple articles and contributed to encyclopedias, dictionaries and Program Notes setting out concerts in the comments to musical works. In 1980 he published an "Agenda Musical" with ephemera from the world of music compiled by him.
Throughout his life he corresponded and conducted interviews with the most important figures in the music scene
He stopped writing his "Unforgettable Moments" (My twelve great works, my twelve best musical memories, my most rewarding and hardest duty).
Sixty-six composers from Spain dedicated to her songs about poem, in tribute to his homeland.
The Opera was his passion. You can say that was a major advocate of a theater to Madrid. He battled tirelessly to achieve this, but could not, for a few months to attend the inauguration of the Teatro Real.
It was the biggest promoter of the opera season at the Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid, in active partnership with the Association of the Friends of the Opera.
It was timely and very enthusiastic chronicler of other seasons of Opera, like Bilbao, organized by the ABAO (Bilbao Association of Friends of the Opera), Opera Season Oviedo, La Coruña ....
In April 1980 he was elected Academic of Fine Arts of San Fernando, replacing the late José rise. His inaugural speech, he read in November of that year, was on "the musical decade of the forties."
He was named "Favorite Son of Orense" in whose birth house is unveiled a commemorative plaque.
Honorary Member of many associations, foundations, etc., Received many prestigious awards, including most notably the National Literature Prize, the Prize of Music, Literature and Art in the Community of Madrid and high national Decorations and international and Austria, Italy and France.
On November 1, 1986, the date of his birthday, the newspaper "ABC" paid tribute to the different personalities joined by music and other media.
In 1990 half a century served as a music critic in the pages of "ABC". On that occasion there were many voices raised in appreciation of his work for music.
Antonio Fernández-Cid died on March 3, 1995 due to a heart attack while preparing to give a lecture on "Turandot in Puccini's work" organized by Bilbao Association of Friends of the Opera (ABAO) at the Hotel Ercilla , Bilbao. The next day, major newspapers across the country reflected in its pages the story and the newspaper "ABC", where he developed the work of music criticism for fifty-five years, dedicated in his memory, a special issue of several pages to his life and work with words of admiration of many people related to the world of music.
After his death many orchestras, organizations and artists dedicated to her concerts and events in his memory:

              Concert at the Academy of Fine Arts
              Casa de Galicia
              Ateneo de Orense
On November 11, 1996, was named "Honorary Citizen of Madrid" by the town council, posthumously with Lazaro Carreter.
Antonio Fernández-Cid was a critical reference for 50 years, for their dedication, compassion and honesty, for his drive and accurate approach for their support to young talents, for his defense of Spanish music.
In short, for his love of MUSIC