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Antoni Planàs

Antoni Planàs i Marca
b. Reus, Baix Camp, 1890 - d. Barcelona, 1980

Musician. Studied at the Escola Municipal de Música de Barcelona (Barcelona Municipal School of Music) with Lluís Millet, Antoni Nicolau and cello with Josep Soler i Ventura. He was the cellist of the group, Quartet Renaixement, conducted by Eduard Toldrà. He composed choral and instrumental works, for some of which he won several awards, including the Patxot competition and the Festival of Catalan music. His La Dama de Tremp (The Lady from Tremp) was awarded a prize in New York. From 1921, he wrote sardanes, with great technical perfection and originality, such as Dolç esplai (Sweet Effusion), Sant Jordi (St. George) and Patronal lleidatana (Patrons of Lleida).