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Original for solo piano
Appeared in the Children's Weekly Magazine "El Virolet"
Dedicated: "a la mainada catalana" (to the catalan children)
Publisher: Tenora d'Edicions Musicals (1981)

The children's magazine "Virolet" appeared from 1922 to 1931, as a supplement for "En Patufet" a well known adult comic magazine. 

It was the first weekly catalan magazine predominantly illustrated, which alternated with stories by Josep Carner, Apel·les Mestres, J.Ruyra, Martínez i Ferrando and the novels by Carles Soldevila (Lau or les aventures d'un aprenent de Pilot), Clovis Eimeric (El cavaller de la Creu - the Knight of the Cross) and Folch i Torres, among others. The illustrations were made by eminent artists, being the more frequent ones Junceda and Cornet. Also collaborated Lola Anglada, who published the first version of "En Peret", Joan d'Ivori, with a delicious comic adapted from the Grimm tales, Llaverias, Apa, Quelus, Prat i Ubach, Serra i Massana, etc.. 

It was one of the most successful attempts to create a Catalan children's magazine that would revitalize and educate the catalan kids through the love of the stories written in catalan language .

Cover of the 1925 magazine
Announcement of an "event" for the piano lovers (1-3-1925 magazine)
Second Announcement (1-10-1925 magazine)

"Virolet", the Sardana for piano written by Eduard Toldra appeared in the magazine in February 7th, 1925. (special edition). It is dedicated to the "Catalan children".