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Original for voice and piano
Dedicated: to Joan Mirambell.
Premiered: At the "Palau de la Música Catalana" in Barcelona, on the April 10th, 1924, by Emili Vendrell and Pere Vallribera at the 4rth "Concert de Quaresma" of the "Orfeó Català".
PublisherUnion Musical Española (UME Madrid, 1968)


Poem by
Josep Carner

Per una vela en el mar blau
daria un ceptre;
per una vela en el mar blau
ceptre i palau.

Per l’ala lleu d’una virtut
mon goig daria    
i el tros que em resta, mig romput,
de joventut.

Per una flor de romaní
l’amor daria;
per una flor de romaní
l’amor doní.

© hereus Josep Carner
(English translation)

For a sail in the blue sea,
            a scepter I would give;
for a sail in the blue sea,
            scepter and palace.

For a light wing of virtue,
            my joy I would give
and the shard still left, half-broken,
            of my youth.

For a flower of rosemary,
            love I would give,
for a flower of rosemary,
            love I gave.

translated by Salvador Pila
(el traductor catala)

(traducción al Castellano)

Por una vela en el mar azul
un cetro yo daría;
por una vela en el mar azul
cetro y palacio.

Per el ala ligera de una virtud
mi gozo yo daría
y el pedazo que me queda, medio roto,
de juventud.

Por una flor de romero
yo el amor daría;
por una flor de romero
el amor yo dí.


The first noticeable element that comes naturally from the beginning of this song is its very suggestive gentle rocking repetitive accompaniment. The entire ambiance of the piece is reminiscent of the "Barcarole", with its affable, meditative and peaceful rhythm derived by the undulated "venetian gondoliers" rowing movement. With its moderated tempo, written in 12/8, sometimes alternated with a 
6/8, the calmed velocity evoques the motion of the ships moving with the waves. (i.e. Felix Mendelssohn: three "Venetianisches Gondellied" from "Lieder ohne Worte", op.19-6, op.30-6 and op.62-5).