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As froliñas dos toxos

Original for voice and piano
Dedicated: to Antonio Fernández-Cid
Premiered: At the "Ateneo de Madrid", on January 10, 1952, by Carmen Pérez Durías and Carmen Díaz Martín at the 4th conference-concert at the cycle about “Songs and Lieder”.
PublisherUnion Musical Española (UME Madrid, 1963)


As froliñas dos toxos
Poem by: Antón Noriega Varela

¡Nin rosiñas brancas, nin claveles roxos!
Eu venero as froliñas dos toxos.
Dos toxales as ténues floriñas
que sorien, a medo, entre espiñas.
Entre espiñas que o Ceo agosalla
con diamantes, as moites que orballa.
¡Oh, do ermo o prezado tesuoro!
As froliñas dos toxos son de ouro.
De ouro vello son, mai, as floriñas
as floriñas dos bravos toxales,
¡das devocions miñas!

© hereus Antón Noriega Varela
The little gorse flowers
(English translation)
¡Neither the white little roses, or the red carnations!
I worship the little gorse flowers.
From the gorses the faint flowers,
that they smile, from fear, among the thorns.
Among the 
thorns that the sky looks upon,
with diamonds, dewing as many as it can.
Oh, precious treasure of the 
The little gorse flowers are golden.
Old golden they are, although, the little flowers
the little flowers of the brave gorses,
¡Of my devotion!
Les floretes de la ginesta
(traducció al Català)

Ni les roses blanques, ni els clavells morats!
Jo venero les floretes de la ginesta.
De les ginestes les febles floretes
que somriuen, amb temor, entre les espines.
Entre les espines que le cel ilumina
amb diamants, les moltes que embolcalla.
Oh, de l'ermós i preuat tresor!
Les floretes de ginesta són d'or.
D'or vell, mes, les floretes
les valents floretes de la ginesta,
¡són la meva devoció!


In this case, the vocal line and the piano part are based on a polyphonic texture, at times, sometimes a harmonic accompaniment in the righthand of the piano part with a rhythmic ostinato in the left hand, while the poetic voice emphasizes the reverence one feels for the little gorse flowers: "!Oh, do ermo o prezado tesuoro!".

"Among the many merits that adorn the personality of our unforgettable friend, Antonio Fernández-Cid, there is one too often forgotten: the promoter being to interest most of our most distinguished composers, to the Galician song concert . Accordingly, no exception to that interesting Toldrá critical work of Orense, dedicating his ineffable As FROLINA two toxos (1951), according to the verses of Anton Varela Noriega, immersed in an Allegretto tranquillo, which insists contained infinite nostalgia in a similar way, "dolce" always, even in his tender enlarged in the "morendo" in "pianissimo" final, elongated in the last four bars of piano solo, "dolcissimo" evanescent."  - Antonio Iglesias Alvarez.