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Original for cobla  {Catalan ensemble: 1 flubiol, 2 tibles, 2 tenors, 2 cornetins, 1 trombó, 2 fiscorns, 1 contrabaix}
Premiered: Obra de los primeros días de 1934, estrenada por la cobla "Barcelona" el día 6 de enero de dicho año en el Palacio de la Música.
Dedicated: to the family's female dog.



This sardana is dedicated to the family's female dog. A "Faluga" is a figure in Catalan mythology. Is the equivalent of the "Nyitus" but much more perverse. Small as a grain of sand, they live in the sea, in the caves that have their name. When they want to mortify a human, they enter through the nose, ears or the eyes, and eat the "worm of the ear" and leave the victim deaf for life.