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El bac de les ginesteres

Original for cobla  {Catalan ensemble: 1 flubiol, 2 tibles, 2 tenors, 2 cornetins, 1 trombó, 2 fiscorns, 1 contrabaix}
(There is a version for solo piano by the composer)
Premiered: Written in 1924 and released in a tribute concert organized by the "Foment de la Sardana" held on November 30, 1924 in the hall of "Orfeo Gracienc". Cobla Barcelona
Publisher: Union Musical Española (UME Madrid, 1963)



El Bac de les Ginesteres is the popular name of a place next to the vineyards of Can Batlle in Cantallops (Alt Empordà) where the family of Toldra's wife, Maria Sobrepera, was originally from. Located on the shady side of the mountain that place is well known for being packed of brooms. Now a days there is a family winery company named Vinyes dels Aspres that elaborates a bottle with the same name and is located in the same place. It was that particular space that inspired Eduard Toldrà to write this sardana.